Electric Rides Emerge As Post-Lockdown Commuter Option

One popular web site that we provide marketing for, https://shopescooters.com/, has published an interesting blog post, a copy of which can be found here:


As countries seek to get their economies back on track after the devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, e-bicycle and electric scooter use is being encouraged as a way to avoid unsafe crowding on trains and buses.

Cycling and e-ride enthusiasts from all over the US are trying to use the moment to get more e-bike lanes, or widen existing ones, even if it's just a temporary measure to make space for commuters on two wheels. Many enthusiasts believe that the transition to more scooter-friendly urban environments is logical if we want our larger towns cities to work. A lot of people will be afraid of going on public transportation, but we have to get back to work someday. Very few of our towns and cities can handle more car traffic.

In addition to bike lanes separated by curbs, Shop eScooters backs the notion of subsidizing electric bicycles and scooters, which could encourage commuters who have longer or hilly journeys. And these changes are not just happening in the US. Similar initiatives are popping up elsewhere. Officials in Lima, Peru; Barcelona, Spain; and Milan, Italy, are speeding up plans to expand e-bike and e-scooter paths or take space from cars or current parking sites.

In Australia, bicycle and e-scooter sales have already skyrocketed. Why couldn’t that happen here in the US? We can, and we should, take advantage of this impulse to advance towards a new paradigm of sustainable mobility.

A perfect example of sustainable mobility is the Razor Pocket Mod Belleza is a stylish compact ride-on that is perfect for going from here to there at speeds up to 16 mph. It delivers classic Italian styling in a new deluxe size. With custom artwork, it’s truly at the intersection of fashion and function.

This cool ride has under-seat storage, enhancing user convenience. This Razor Pocket Mod Bellezza scooter is suitable for users aged 14 years and up. It includes a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery and charger. Extended leg room provides enhanced comfort, while the 70-minute run time gives you plenty of opportunity to ride around.

The bottom line: The team at Shop eScooters, like us all, hopes for a more sustainable future. That's why we have hand-picked some of the more environmentally-friendly e-rides on the market for you to enjoy!

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