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Business and leisure travelers who use Airbnb versus traditional lodging companies, appreciate the comforts and ambiance of a “home environment” that Airbnb offers instead of the isolation of a typical hotel room. However, a hotel has a concierge desk to help find visitors interesting things to do and places to go. But it looks like Airbnb might soon offer the advantages of both in one booking experience.

Airbnb plans to extend bookings with add-on services later this year, Bloomberg reports. Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, says the company has been testing a booking service for any add-on experiences for guest experiences outside of their temporary lodgings. Experiences including booking tours, bicycle rentals and even restaurant reservations have already been tested.

This seems to be the logical progression of Airbnb’s business model. While many of Airbnb’s competitors offer the ability to rent things like cars when booking a room, Chesky is after more than just convenience. “When people go to a place, they want much more than just a home. They want to be part of a neighborhood,” he told Bloomberg. “And what we are really focused on doing is, how can we immerse you into a neighborhood?"

The same advantages relating to add-ons apply to many other sharing economy marketplaces. Let’s take cycling for example. If you are running a marketplace that focuses on road and mountain bike listings, why not allow users to cross-sell other rental items such as GoPro cameras or other training equipment that might apply not only to cycling enthusiasts, but also to triathletes?

If you are the owner of a boating marketplace, there are a number of opportunities to allow listings with cool add-ons such as wake boards and water skis that will add real value to the renter’s total experience. The bottom line is that there are virtually limitless options to incorporate useful add-ons to your marketplace, regardless of the niche in which you operate.

At MediaMerce, we help publishers and other online audience owners succeed in the fast-growing sharing economy. Our marketplace solutions deliver revenue, data and marketing information for the audience owner and efficiency and value for their rental marketplace users. By incorporating an add-on feature to your branded marketplace, you not only increase revenues and gain marketing insights but you create more than just a rental experience for your users building a real sense of community around your marketplace.

If you are a large online audience owner and want to learn more about how we can help your business get into this exciting space, please visit us:

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