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Media Companies Will Benefit From Joining The Sharing Economy

We all recognize that the way in which consumers purchase products has changed significantly over the past few years, moving toward an on-demand model rather than outright ownership. "Access versus Ownership" is not a fad, but a trend as substantiated by PwC's prediction that the sharing economy will grow from a $15b industry today to $300b by 2025.

Yet most media companies still have not participated in the sharing economy, missing out on significant non-advertising revenue streams. The good news is that they already own the perfect assets to establish successful online rental marketplaces, e.g. strong brands with engaged enthusiasts who trust the publisher’s content. What's more, their audience contains the two critical elements for marketplace success: the supply (“listers”) and the demand (renters), all-in-one.

MediaMerce’s mission is to enable online audience owners to succeed in the rapid-growth sharing economy. We package up the relevant business tools into one singular solution that includes technology, insurance, end-user support and strategy, empowering trade associations, media companies, information services companies and other non-traditional publishers to promote their own white-label "Airbnb / Uber" type service to their users (without requiring any involvement from their sales teams).

And we’re not just adding value for audience owners. Our value proposition also benefits the audience directly. For the first time, the audience can now utilize the media company’s branded marketplace to generate a passive income by listing their assets to rent - whether it be bikes, boats or musical instruments - and it's a pretty sweet deal for the renters too (typically saving them up to 40% off standard rental prices). Operating a branded rental marketplace also gives the media company a competitive advantage in terms of acquiring new users and increasing user engagement.

More seriously and arguably most importantly, the earth is currently scattered with some $3.5 trillion of spare capacity items and idle resources in the form of empty properties and unused cars, boats, bikes, etc. In our view, it makes a lot of sense to stop over-manufacturing goods by simply renting what we’ve already produced from one another via a fun and engaging platform.

Bottom line: Joining the sharing economy will generate a new source of profits for media companies. Our solution is the most straightforward way for them to participate and to start generating new subscription and transaction revenues while rewarding their audiences with a cool and useful service that:

  • Gives consumers more choice, savings and the ability to earn a passive income.

  • Enables media partners to innovate and capitalize on their digital assets.

  • Empowers all parties to “do the right thing!”

For more information, please visit us at:

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