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Cosmo Deals was utilized by Hearst UK as a marketing and customer acquisition opportunity for Cosmopolitan advertising partners. It was an innovative new way to reach and transact with Cosmopolitan’s vast audience of high-spending young women. John Duffin orchestrated the conception and delivery of this program for Cosmo UK.


Techradar Deals

The Deal Programme powered by; designed as a brilliant advertising & customer acquisition opportunity with no upfront costs. For each deal that the advertiser promoted, Future Publishing extensively broadcasted that promotion across and their vast audience of technology and gadget enthusiasts.



MediaMerce developed a hugely successful Marketing Mix Program for The Little Shop that included TV ads, front page local news coverage, and social media campaigns, delivering an impressive ROI for our client.  Using our unique blend of marketing tactics, MediaMerce targeted exactly the right audience to deliver hundreds of brand new customers to The Little Shop's online marketplace at an exceptional value for money.

Why White Label Solutions like the BikeRadar Deals Program?

As an online marketplace partner, our white label solutions will deliver your business with unique advertising, customer acquisition, retention and growth strategy, all-in-one. This is a great example of a solid program that drove direct revenue for our marketplace partners from our media partners' audiences.

FastCar Magazine

We helped distribute and transmit our partners brand's name, listings, offers and the promotional content to the niche brand's website,, by email and on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites that Future Publishing owned.​

“We worked with John and his company to create our (private label) deal platforms for some of our key web sites - each site was on brand and brief and has proven to be great tools in driving revenues from our audiences. John is dedicated to the cause and extremely well informed.”

Chris Fellowes,

Business Enterprise Manager Future Publishing Plc

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